Third Party Reconciliation

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Third Party Reconciliation can be a sensitive topic following any incident.

If your driver has been involved in an incident and is the responsible party, the sensitive and timely management of the third party is an important consideration. The third party reconciliation services provided by Opus Claim Solutions exist purely to support your organisation through this challenging scenario.

Whatever accidents can cost in terms of financial outlay for repairs and compensation. this can just be the tip of the iceberg. You also need to consider the potential brand and reputation damage that can be done when an innocent party incurs injury or financial loss as a result of an accident where your driver is responsible.

Why choose Opus?

At Opus Claim Solutions we have over 20 years of experience in managing third party claims against organisations. Protecting both your financial position and the reputation of your company are top priorities.

Keeping you in the loop

Should additional claims for costs and compensation be made as a claim progresses, we’ll scrutinise these and keep you fully updated – making sure you are aware of the financial situation but also any potential reputation risks including how and when these may materialise and how you may be able to protect yourselves and respond appropriately.

These difficult situations can feel overwhelming, particularly to smaller organisations but with Opus Claim Solutions expertise by your side you can be assured the experts are there to support you and guide you through.

Once claims are settled, we can be on hand to help you review practises and minimise the risk of similar incidents in future.

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