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The beginning matters….

First Notification of Loss. Or driver debriefing. Whatever you like to call it, we believe it is the most important aspect of the whole claims cycle. In fact, first notification of loss is critical, because a small error at the start can result in an unnecessary escalation in claims cost. And that is why we offer bespoke FNOL solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

We move quickly

If a claim is reported too slowly it affects the entire claims journey, from validation, deployment of services and cost control of areas such as protracted vehicle repairs and costly hire car rates, to unpredictable personal injury claims and legal fees, as well as potential fraud. Working with Opus Claim Solutions you can protect your fleet from these expensive and hugely inconvenient scenarios.

Gone are the days of filling out a claim notification form and posting it to your insurer or broker. Now, speed is of the essence and there’s no quicker way (yet) than using a phone call to report your incident. Once the debriefing is over, a report is sent immediately to your insurer or broker, whilst answering their queries, making sure that the claim is underway and keeping you fully informed of the progress.

What is FNOL?

The First Notification of Loss (FNOL) is the initial report made to an insurance provider following a loss, theft, or damage of an insured asset. The First Notification of Loss, is the first step in the formal claims process lifecycle.


We’re firm believers that in order to get the right ending, you must start from the best possible position in the first place. This is even more critical when the claim involves a third party.  When it comes to minimising costs after an incident involving a third party, we know timing and recording the right information is everything. That’s why we focus our efforts on collecting detailed information on the incident, the parties involved and the nature of the claim right at the outset. We then work on your behalf to liaise with your insurer or broker to relay the information and lodge the claim as quickly as possible.

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