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First Notification Of Loss. Or driver debriefing. Whatever you like to call it, we believe it is the most important aspect of the whole claims cycle. In fact, it’s critical, because a small error at the start can result in an unnecessary escalation in claims cost. No wonder then, we offer bespoke claims FNOL to meet our customers requirements. Read more
With a UK-wide network of PAS125 repairers, you can be confident that your asset will be repaired to the highest of standards. But cost is more than just labour rates and parts discounts; Downtime is a massive ‘hidden’ cost and managing the repair process effectively can substantially reduce the overall cost to the business. Thankfully, our repair management team ensure your vehicle is back on the road sooner rather than later. Read more
So, your driver has caused some considerable upset and collided into an innocent party’s vehicle. We’re here to help put things right. Protecting your company’s brand and reputation is at the heart of what we do. However, we’re also here to make sure your purse is not raided too. It’s a fine balance, something we have been achieving for over 20 years now. Read more
Uninsured Loss Recovery. When your driver has been involved in a non-fault accident, more often, you’ll incur costs as a result. And you’ll want those costs back, right? That’s where we can help. We investigate and pursue to ensure you get back as much as possible, even if you’ve been hit by an uninsured motorist. Read more>>



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Need to know last months spend? Who’s had the most accidents in the last 9 months? As our customer, you’ll have your finger on the pulse. We provide, free-of-charge, completely bespoke dashboards and reports, available 24-7, linked to live data. You can export the reports for your own presentations too. We also provide access to our live claims system, myOpus, so you can see exactly what’s happening on a granular level. Read more

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